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This day may be the last day at NIDA before I start a job, however tons of works still stick with me. I try to clear all of them as soon as I can, so that I will focus on my job.

Last day isn’t a good day, i’m so tired coz I worked until 10.30 p.m. but it’s seem hardly to finished. Herrr!!! Don’t give up Pich!! Fighto!!


Exhausted day!! Why am I so tired before first day of my work.

I went to The Twin Tower Hotel to be a group-supported with members of drug store association. I think I didn’t do well, I feel very inert.

After the seminar ended, we move to continue our work at Ban Rai Coffee, good place for doing works mak mak. Until 9.30 p.m., I went back and take a rest.


First day!!
– Sign a contract
– Read employee manual and compliance manual
– Industrial brief
I met my friends, they work at PWC.


I was sent to learn in compliance dep what about they work and processes in company. After lunch I attended management meeting, and I met P’Too CEO in meeting. In evening I have dinner with my gang at Samyan.


So busy TODAY! Day three with three meeting I attended. I recognized that I know nothing in this industry. Have to learn all that things as quick as I can.

I’m out my company at 8 p.m. have many work to finish again.


Traing with Mutal fund marketing Department. There is funny place in this Firm, they hav party almost every week. Everyone has great communication and interpersonal skills kub. Journalistd always come to interview our board and CEO so they have to arrange time, place and staff to serve them.

In the evening, I hav meeting my NIDA gang at T-House pub and restaurant kub.


Training in PVD and PVF Department. The Dep. had only one man, but now has six. Two men start working today. In the end, I get my computer.


Inflation-Linked Bond tenor 10 years issued by MOF in July


Time goes by. Many works I have to clear both Company works and university works. I got new assignment everyday however I can manage my time efficiently :).


After I worked for 1 month, I got a project and be a projext manager :D. Work time passed so fast, my paradigm changed. Learning all the time makes me feel a little presure about the future. Try to understand everything as I can. Are these things the way I thought, No! But i’m ok and proudly do it.


Well, I guess that worth a look. 🙂


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